Our franchisees and Head Office have been using InfoCORE’s services since 2002 and they have been instrumental in supporting our IT development as well as the full range of Pastel support services over the years. We have strategic plans to grow even faster and bigger, and we are delighted to have such a competent and service driven team in InfoCORE as our IT partner as we venture forward. Thank you InfoCORE for always being so quick to respond to our IT problems, either on-site or remotely – you have never let any of us down! We have all the confidence in you, as you guys really know your IT and Pastel stuff. We always recommend InfoCORE to our clients, and they are just as happy as we are!

Monique Sharland - CEO
Business Accounting Network

The first thing we noticed about infoCORE was that they really seemed to care. It was something quite strange to find from an IT company and very refreshing too. They now look after all our servers, desktops, Pastel software and everything in-between for one fixed fee. I love not having to spend my time under a desk trouble shooting IT problems in my business, and for the first time I know my IT budget. I just wish I had moved to infoCORE long ago.

Duncan Parker

We have been dealing with infoCORE since 2008. They did our full server and pastel installation, as well as setup all of our user PC’s and laptops. The service we received was excellent. The quality of work was also excellent. Since our initial installation we have received excellent service, even though we are a small company and don’t have a huge IT spend. Every time we have had a serious issue, Andrew has made himself available ASAP to help us sort out our issues. They are also always available to answer any questions I may have. I would and already have recommended them for any business wishing to get good quality IT service.

Gary Korck
Associated Welding Suppliers (Pty) Ltd

Wonderful company to deal with and Tawanda was fantastic. The support of Infocore out shines "Accounting Software Suppliers*" support by 1000 plus. *We were asked to remove their name.....

Sheila Tullleken
Mu & Me

As always you have given us fantastic support & excellent service all round. We will definitely continue to recommend the entire Infocore team to any business & individual. I fail to find words to fully compliment your good work. It is an absolute pleasure to be dealing with efficient people like yourselves.

Mogammad Yusuf Wentzel
ORCA Accounting Services & Tax Consultancy