Pastel Accounting Software Solutions

Pastel has different accounting software solutions available for different needs and company sizes. We will categorise them by business size but this is not the only factors to consider when looking for an accounting solution.

We recommend contacting us to discuss your requirements before buying or implementing any of their solutions to make sure you are getting exactly what you need. Compare the Pastel Accounting Range of Products

Larger Businesses

Pastel Evolution


Pastel Evolution Accounting & ERP is a mid-market solution. Is has more features than their other solutions and a more robust platform using Microsoft SQL. This is not necessarily a solution only for mid-market businesses but also smaller businesses needing more functionality and control. For 1 - 1000+ users.


 Pastel Accounting

Medium Business

Pastel Partner is Pastel's well known and widely used core accounting software that suits small and medium sized businesses. It is designed for 1 - 20 users and has a wide range of add-on modules.



Small Business

Pastel XpressPastel Xpress is designed for smaller businesses for up to 3 users that don't require many of the advanced features in Pastel Partner. The look and feel of it is exactly the same as Pastel Partner but without some of the functionality and add-on modules. It's a great place to start when looking for an accounting package because it can easily be upgraded to Pastel Partner as your business grows.



Start Up's

Pastel has a wide range of solutions for start-up businesses. Pastel Xpress Start-Up is Pastel Xpress but is limited to only one company and two years of financial data. Very easy to upgrade when the need arises but is still a full accounting package. Pastel's My Business is start-up businesses complete business software solution that is extremely cost effective and can manage most of the needs of these business types. My Business Online is South Africa's first online accounting solution for start-ups. Pastel's My Invoicing is simplicity at it's best. Designed to take care of customer invoices, payments and statements.

Pastel My InvoicingPastel My Business