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Are you backed up?    Are you sure?

We see the need for an offsite backup over and over again in the field. We come across people who think that their data is being backed up becasue their server is backed up. They continue to rotate their backup disks dilligently but when disaster strikes they find out there's nothing on their backup disks at all. It is vital that backups are checked and test restores are done to make sure you are prepared in the event of a disaster. Sometimes they even have to recapture their entire accounting year again.

Don't let this happen to you!

Needless to say, all of these companies are now using IronTree automated, offsite backups for their accounting and payroll data. They just wish they were using it before. Please contact us to find out how to make sure you are really backed up.

 "There are two types of computer users in the world, Those that have lost data and those that are going to."

Bill Hassel, Hewlett-Packard Response Centre

Data is what keeps every business alive. Every day your business creates new data, this is in the form of transactions, documents and spreadsheets. This data is your business's lifeblood, ensuring that bills are paid, money is collected, contracts are valid and information is available for essential decision making.


IronTree Online Backup Best FeaturesOffsite Data Backup

  • Fully Automated - No user intervention required. It's better to autotmate important functions like this and not rely on your staff to perform manual backups.
  • 100% Secure - Data is encrypted and stored in a secure data centre with all redundancy features in place.
  • Data Recoverable To The Day - You can recover your data to any day within the last 60 days and also to the start of a month for up to 4 months. This feature also helps with data corruptions and recovery.
  • Secure From Fire & Theft - Due to the fact that your backups are stored off-site, you are able to protect against fire and theft. In South Africa we all know how important this is.
  • Reduced Bandwidth Impact - IronTree only updates the backups each day with what has changed. It doesn't re-do the entire backup. Saving you on your bandwidth spending.
  • Cost Effective - From as little as R100 a month you can sleep better knowing your important accounting and payroll data is backed up. This is far cheaper than trying to recover you data when your server crashes.
  • Easy To Use - Irontree is easy to install, configure and use when you need it. Restoring data is just a few mouse clicks 24x7x365.
  • Human Support - IronTree is a South African company with data centres in South Africa. Their support is just a local call away and you get to speak to real people. Support is also available after hours, on weekends and public holidays but over these times after hours support rates are charged.

 Get your FREE 14 Day Trial to see how IronTree can benfit your business.

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